We offer excellent card
processing terms for your
online business.

We offer excellent terms and conditions for bank cards
e-payments combining high-grade security and easy application.
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No subscription fees or hidden commission!

Quick and easy integration with your website

The integration process is quite easy to complete: select one of the ready-made modules for popular management systems or apply your own solution using our API.

The website developers can receive a detailed API and an integration process description document as well as study the application examples and FAQs with the answers to the questions arising during the application process.

Different help options and a 24-hour support service

The interface of the management systems is built with user-friendliness in mind and includes an on-line user manual and video examples.

If you need our company's technical support specialist's advice you can use our feedback system.

Business Benefits

GMC Online Payments offers excellent bank card e-payment conditions for online shopping. We provide extremely competitive and incredibly effective online payment services for your website on a 24-hour basis. Contact us and we’ll find the best solution for you.

How it Works

Our company provides an easy and safe credit card payment mechanism for virtually all online shops and services. The only thing your client needs is to be a recognized bank’s credit/debit card owner. The only thing you have to do is to sell and make a profit.

Payment Security

Safety is one of GMC Online Payments’s main objectives. We guarantee compliance with the PCI DSS security standards for all our systems as well as ensure the maximum protection of our customers and their personal data.

How to Connect

Our Internet payment’s acceptance services with no doubt would profit your company. Feel free to use section Feedback to give us a call for any issues to be resolved. It’s easy to integrate your webpage with our system. Please, complete your request by following to proceed with integration.


What We Offer

Technical Documents

User guides and technical manuals
Study and browse our selection of informative technical documents downloadable as PDF files.


Answers to your questions with the click of a button.
Before asking your question to our support service please read all the published answers
as you may find the necessary information there.

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