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General questions

1. I would like to apply for your solution to accept bank card payments but it’s the first time I am on the website. What should I do?  
In order to start working with us you should first register. Click on the link to register.

2. How quickly can my customers use their bank cards at my shop once the registration is over? 
As a rule, it takes about 2 working days after the moment of registration to start working with the customers.

3. I have a bank account. Do I need to open one more account in order to use your solution? 
You do not have to do it by yourself. In order to get you started, we will open an account in one of our partner banks for you.

4. Who can I contact if a problem or a question arises? 
You can contact us using our feedback form. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions in a quick and professional manner.


1. How often will I receive the payouts?  
GMC Online Payments disburses payments to the customers on a weekly basis.

2. What’s the price for registration, services and support? Are there any hidden commissions?  
You only pay for your completed transactions. Our registration and support services come absolutely free.


1. Do you apply 3D-secure technology for payments authorization? Does our shop have to support this technology? 
Yes,GMC Online Payments applies 3D-secure technology for payments authorization. We can provide you with our own certified Merchant Plug-in to allow 3D-secure authorization for your transactions.

2. How can I know if a transaction is fraudulent? What should I do with the fraudulent transactions? 
Every fraudulent transaction is marked as a rejected one. You can see the cause of the transaction being considered as fraudulent in the Transaction History section.

3. Can I create new users with different access rights within the GMC Online Payments administrative interface? 
No, but you can give us a list of users and we’ll create profiles in our system for them. There’s no access division as it would compromise our Security Policy.

4. If my website already contains a page to collect customer bank card information can I use it to pass it over to GMC Online Payments? 
Yes, you can. To do so, when sending your payment to GMC Online Payments you need to apply the IS_GATEWAY attribute of the ORDER tag as well as the CARD attribute. For detailed information please go to GMC Online Payments API

5. How safe is your solution? Can I feel secure giving my customer data?
GMC Online Payments has obtained a PCI DSS Level 1 security certificate (information security standard of the bank card industry) provided by Visa and MasterCard for payment systems providers. We provide additional protection from malicious users with the help of 3D-secure technology and powerful internal system to avoid fraudulent transactions.


1. What’s the difference between void and refund? When should I use each of them?
Void: The procedure of authorization and payment cancellation if the bank card was used for authorization until the moment of financial transaction formation. You can also cancel the authorization within one day during which the operation was authorized. The authorization is cancelled for the total payment amount.

Refund: The procedure of full or partial chargeback to the customer on the previously closed and paid for transaction with the use of a bank card.

2. How can I figure out why the bank did not authorize my payment? 
The transaction that wasn’t authorized by the issuing bank is marked as a rejected one. You can see the cause for the authorization failure in the Transaction History section.

3. Can I send payments in different currencies? 
You can send payments in any currency you want. GMC Online Payments offers a multicurrency solution suitable for websites in any part of the world, depending on the type of account to be obtained. Please specify the currencies planned for the latter use during the registration process.

4. What is a chargeback? Can I dispute it?
Chargeback is a refund initiated by the bank that issued the customer’s bank card. It arises when the cardholder wants to dispute the account debiting officially. The banks do chargebacks in accordance with the rules of MasterCard and Visa. The causes of chargebacks may be as follows:

  • The shop did not deliver the goods;
  • The customer returned the goods or cancelled the purchase but did not receive a refund;
  • Fraud or potential fraud.

You can dispute the chargeback if you can prove that the customer has received the goods as well as the customer applied to his bank and agreed with the account debiting. Instead of the payment cancellation, we would just recommend gathering all the evidence that the purchase has been made and the goods have been delivered. That can be a messenger’s invoice or a consignee’s receipt. You can also use evidence that you refunded the amount when you returned or changed the goods.

5. Can I cancel the purchase the customer made at my shop? If yes, should I pay any commission for that?
Yes, you can. No commission is charged for that.

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