Installing CardPay Payment Module

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Installing Virtue Mart Component
Installing CardPay Payment Module

1. Download GMC Online Payments Joomla+VirtueMart payment module;

2. Extraxt archive into any temporary folder: e.g. ## unzip joomla_vm_cp_plugin_vX.X.X;

3. Change directory for the extracted folder: e.g. ## cd joomla_vm_cp_plugin_vX.X.X;

4. Change directory for the extracted folder: e.g. ## cp -r /var/www/html/joomla/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/payment;

5. Make sure ps_cardpay.cfg.php;

6. Get access via browser to the shop administration;

7. Click Components/VirtueMart and then click ListPaymentMethods-button;

8. Click Store/Add Payment Methods or click New-Payment-Button (see screenshot);

9. Type required fields on the Payment Method Form tab:

- Payment Method Name: CardPay
- Code: CP
- Payment class name: ps_cardpay
- Payment method type: HTML-Form based(e.g. PayPal)

10. Click Save-Button;

11. Click: Store/List Payment Methods and activate 'CardPay' payment method;

12. Click CardPay payment method link;

13. Change tab for Configuration and set all required parameters:

- Test mode? redirect transactions to the test-database?
- Hold only? use 2-phased payment?
- Shop ID merchant's shop ID (merchant gets it after he is successfully regestrated in Cardpay payment system)
- Secret key merchant's secret word (merchant generates it after a success registration in Cardpay payment system)

14. Click Generate-default-config-Button;

15. Click Save-Button.