Management System

The management system represents an administrative web-interface. You get access as soon as you register your shop in our system. The administrative interface offers various tools for organization of the most modern and flexible payment Internet-processing. You can study the basic features and options of the administrative interface.


This section allows you to view all the transactions completed in your shop and provides user-friendly search using various sorting tools. All the transactions are grouped by their status for your convenience.

You can also cancel transactions and perform refunds for successful operations.


You can make use of various standardized or custom reports that can give you more insight into your overall performance with great ease and support reliable feedback with your customers making your business more profitable.


The administrative interface represents a flexible tool for a black list creation allowing you an extra layer of security from suspicious buyers.

You can add elements to your black list restricting access to purchases by the card number, IP-address, phone number and e-mail as well as the bank issuing the customers’ cards (BIN number).

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