Payment Security

Safety is one of the GMC Online Payments’s main objectives. We guarantee compliance with the PCI DSS security standards for all our systems as well as ensure the maximum protection of our customers and their personal data.


PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) represents rules and regulations developed by the Security Standards Council of the bank cards industry to provide a general notion of consistent measures for the information protection worldwide. These rules apply to anyone who processes or transfers information about bank cards.

To be in compliance with PCI DSS standards, we work in cooperation with Vectra Corporation. Every year GMC Online Payments successfully passes a thorough examination of our security management procedures, security strategies, software development, network architecture and other mandatory safety measures to guarantee the maximum protection of customer data that is available.

GMC Online Payments is on the MasterCard and Visa list as one of the service providers observing PCI DSS security standards. For more detailed information please visit the Visa and MasterCard websites:

MasterCard list of PCI DSS compliant service providers
VISA list of PCI DSS compliant service providers

Merchant plug-in

The Merchant plug-in (MPI) is a software module for payment authorization in compliance with all Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode services and providing worldwide protection for our customers from fraudulent transactions. The MPI is based on 3D-Secure technology and provides an extra level of e-commerce control for our customers.

Benefits of the Merchant plug-in:

  • Easy installation on your website;
  • Protection from unauthorized transactions;
  • Protection from losses caused by fraud;
  • Protection from disputed transactions;
  • Less chargebacks;
  • More customer certainty on safety in purchases which brings about increase in sales;
  • Increase of income due to the reduction of transaction price and chargeback payments;
  • Making use of MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa programs benefits.


Fraud transaction detection system performs comprehensive analysis of transactional data applying several methods simultaneously. For that purpose third-party service data, transactions history and several blacklists are all used. The antifraud system includes numerous plug-ins bearing both information and functional loads. Security plug-ins work with the payer’s geolocation and engineering information is analysed about the devices used for the payments. The system uses multiple methods that monitor card authorizations and react in real time based on time and volume parameters, reacting instantly on any indication that the transaction falls outside the normal pattern of usage.
The transaction passes the following stages during the check:

Rules and regulations system

To start with, the fraudulent transaction detection system receives additional information about the buyer and the purchase via the MaxMind service. After all the necessary data has been received, it passes through the rules and regulations system increasing or decreasing the chance of the transaction being fraudulent. After a specific threshold has been breached, the transaction is marked as a fraudulent one. MaxMind tools allow the analysis of the entire transaction stream and mark potentially fraudulent or suspicious transactions in it. This system allows the reduction of possible fraud effectively as well as detecting the risk factors online thus providing an effective antifraud strategy.

Internal transaction history

After the successful rules and regulations check, transactional data is cross-checked against historical transactions allowing for a more thorough check and further filtering of the results. If a match with an earlier fraudulent transaction is detected the transaction is marked as a fraudulent one.

External transaction history

If the transaction internal history analysis does not yield any results, the fraudulent transaction detection system refers to the external database of the Global antifraud association members. CardPay makes use of the biggest e-transaction database in the world allowing for improvement the quality of fraudulent transaction detection tenfold.

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