Process Description

Your shop integration with the GMC Online Payments payment gateway includes two stages:

  • Registration in GMC Online Payments system;
  • Creating HTML-form with the payment button: after you click this button the purchase information is delivered to the GMC Online Payments payment gateway.

Registration in the system

1. Your shop’s representative provides your shop technical specialist’s e-mail to us;
2. We send the login for GMC Online Payments administrative interface, the shop’s ID for our system and secret password to your technical specialist’s e-mail. They are used in GMC Online Payments AIP calls.
3. We e-mail the key-protected archive with the administrative interface password to your technical specialist.
4. The technical specialist provides an additional contact (Skype or mobile phone number) for us to send the password-protected archive key to login into GMC Online Payments’s administrative interface.

Create payment buttons

You can use one of our ready-made solutions or our GMC Online Payments integration manual. If you don’t apply the ready-made solution, the payment button creation process looks as follows:

1. Form an XML message containing the purchase information;
2. Encrypt the XML message according to Base64 method;
3. Encrypt the XML message and your secret word using the 128-bit SHA512 Message Digest;
4. Create an HTML form with the button to send your transaction to GMC Online Payments. The encrypted information received in Items 2 and 3 is used as the form characteristics;
5. Create an HTML page to process the GMC Online Payments reply with the results of completed operations;
6. Test payments using test cards without any reference to any bank;
7. Test the payments using your bank test cards;
8. We link you to the bank;
9. Your customers start making purchases.

The integration manual allows your customers to start making purchases. It describes the basic API options and capacities. Apply for the GMC Online Payments API to use API options like:

  • Product information and address management;
  • Multicurrency option;
  • Use different authorization schemes;
  • Recurring payments;
  • Changing transaction status;
  • Customized reports.
Use the GMC Online Payments API.

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